"100% of proceeds go to support families divided by incarceration!"

The next step in the 300 Letters vision…300 Blog

A lot of people don’t understand the pain, isolation, stigma & heartache that Incarceration brings to families.

Just like many life changing events such as divorce, losing a job or a loved one; incarceration strips you of your identity and society ensures that you are forever marked for one decision you made.

300 Letters is putting in so much effort into creating the BIGGEST community ever for people affected by Incarceration. Our blog will be full of resources, advice , connections and LOVE we need your support to make this happen and remind everyone that they are not alone & a purposeful life alongside their loved ones is ahead !

Every dollar helps us to ensure that our efforts and passion continue!

We hope to be nationwide in a very near future

When you decide not to surrender to your struggles; that is strength!!

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